Photo of Dale A. Dahlberg IIIAbout the Artist

Dale A. Dahlberg III is an artist and musician exploring the concept of hope through painting and high decibel levels.

He is fascinated by secret messages and the concept of comforting weight.

Dale’s journey as an artist began while he was in seventh grade, drawing album cover art for imaginary heavy metal bands when he was supposed to be paying attention in class. About this time, he also took up playing the guitar.

Since then, he has worked as a portrait photographer, became a proficient blacksmith, learned to play numerous musical instruments, formed a handful of bands, and experimented with too many other creative pursuits to list before finally having an epiphany: the best thing he can give the world is a bit of hope.

With this new focus, Dale started work on a body of paintings and music intended to help people feel a little better.

Dale now lives and works in greater Minneapolis with the love of his life and muse.  He is an avid motorcyclist, and makes darn good caramel on occasion.